Alabama Barker Hits Back at Body Shamers After Paparazzi Photos with Kourtney Kardashian Go Viral [Video]

Alabama Barker has words for those criticizing her body online.

via Page Six:

Alabama Barker clapped back at body shamers on TikTok after paparazzi photos with her dad, Travis Barker, and her stepmom, Kourtney Kardashian, went viral. 

In the photos from Sunday, Kourtney, 44, showed off her baby bump in all black, while Alabama wore black sweatpants, a zip-up sweatshirt and slides for the matcha run.

Haters on TikTok were quick to comment on the 17-year-old’s weight.  

After scowling at the camera, Barker said, “That’s my face when I see all the fake pages commenting about my weight in paparazzi pictures and saying I’m a catfish or saying I’m fat.” 

“First of all, let me eat you up because I’m so fat,” Barker said, explaining that paparazzi “purposefully take pictures of you with your mouth open, middle of a sentence or any ugly picture they can get of you just for views. 

“I would love to see you guys getting random pictures taken of you when you’re leaving the grocery store, middle of the sentence, with your mouth wide open,” the rapper proclaimed. “Let’s see how beautiful you look.” 

“I also have a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease, so that’s one of the main reasons why I have weight gain,” Shanna Moakler’s daughter announced, before asking followers to keep their opinions to themselves. 

“You guys also act like I’ve gained 1,000 pounds, it’s like 5, 10 pounds, which is so normal for a lot of girls, weight fluctuates and I don’t want any girls that are young watching this that are gaining weight to ever think there’s something wrong with it,” Barker said before asking her followers to put themselves in her shoes. 

Commenters were quick to jump to Alabama’s defense in the comments section, calling her “so real with the thyroid comment.” One applauded, “ATE & left NO crumbs.” 

This isn’t the first time Alabama has dealt with her haters on social media.

In May, Barker responded to critics who called her out for wearing heavy makeup, and in June, the influencer was roasted for wearing a Jamaican flag-colored outfit.

She simply told haters at the time that she’s “doing great.”

There’s a lot of things to criticize Alabama for — but her body isn’t one of them.

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