Al Roker Marks 20th Anniversary of Gastric Bypass: ‘I’m Never Going Back’ [Photo + Video]

Al Roker is looking back on his former self.

via: Today

The TODAY meteorologist commemorated the 20th anniversary of his gastric bypass surgery by posting a trio of pictures on Instagram featuring him and an old pair of blue jeans.

“Hard to believe it was 20 years ago today, I wore these size 54 Levi jeans to my #gastricbypass at 340 lbs and here I am today,” he captioned the pictures, which featured him holding the pants in one photo and wearing the now-oversized jeans in a pair of others. “It’s still a struggle but I’m never going back. I have setbacks and struggle every day, but I never forget how far I’ve come.”

His TODAY colleagues were there to celebrate with him.

“You are so inspiring. Every day. Every minute,” Savannah Guthrie commented.

“You’re the Yoda to my Skywalker Uncle Al!” Carson Daly wrote.

“No one better than our pal, Al,” commented TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

“These were the pants I wore for my gastric bypass, to my gastric bypass,” Al said in a Twitter video while holding them up. Someone off camera asked if he could fit in them, so he put them on, revealing just how big they are on him now.

Al, who wrote about his weight-loss experiences in the 2012 book “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle for Good,” told TODAY in 2013 that he was finally in a good place.

Following the life-changing surgery, Roker ended up losing more than 150 pounds.

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