Al Roker Gives Recovery Update After Knee Replacement Surgery: 'This One Is a Little More Complicated'

On Saturday May 13, Al’s wife, fellow TV journalist Deborah Roberts took to social media to give an update on his condition, admitting that it had been a “challenging” but rewarding couple of weeks what with Al’s knee replacement surgery.

Al made a virtual appearance on the Today show Monday morning, to update viewers on the status of his recovery.

“It’s Monday, I’m home from the hospital,” he joked. “Just another day!”

Asked how his recovery was going, Roker, 68, told his friends and colleagues that his knee was still feeling “stiff.”

“This one is a little more complicated because it’s what they call a revision; it was a replacement of a replacement, so they had to take stuff out, put stuff in, so it was a bit of a bear,” Roker said. “So we’ve just been kind of hanging out. Chilling out, not doing anything — which I know, a lot of people find hard to believe, but in fact, that is the case.”

Wishing Al a healthy and speedy recovery.

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