It Ain't Over! Nicole Murphy Got Swindled Out of $10 Million of Her Divorce Settlement, Has a 'Massive Debt,' and Is Desperate for a Man with Money [Exclusive]

Lying scallywag Nicole Murphy…we’re still not done.

This divorce fiasco made headlines just a few years ago, but it factors into why and how Nicole has been moving how she moves.

For those of you who don’t know — let us catch you up to speed. After Nicole and Eddie divorced in 2005, she received a $15 million divorce settlement.

A man by the name of Troy Stratos, who calls himself one of Nicole’s childhood friends, pled guilty in 2016 to swindling Nicole out of $10 million. He promised to invest the money overseas and cover all expenses — but instead he stole millions and covered the expenses using her own funds.

According to our sources, this put Nicole at a financial disadvantage and left her in a ‘massive debt.’ 

Not long after, Nicole found herself with Michael Strahan. They were engaged for five years before breaking up over prenup negotiations in 2014.

Let us run that back — they broke up over prenup negotiations.

From Michael, she ran to Jimmy Jackson, then Nick Cannon, and eventually made her way to Antoine Fuqua in hopes of securing another stable bag. She only has one child left with Eddie under the age of 18 and his child support finances her lifestyle — so time is running out.

In our previous story, we alleged that Antoine feels he was ‘set-up’ by Nicole and believes the paparazzi photos were staged. What we didn’t say, however, is it’s also believed that Nicole staged those photos as a way to try and end Antoine’s marriage with Lela Rochon for good so she can push their relationship further. It didn’t work.

You love muffins saw what happened when Wendy tried to scare us with her cease and desist letter (with typos). There’s plenty of tea left in this kettle. Since this story broke, Nicole’s enemies have been coming out of the woodworks with all types of stories.

Let this be a lesson in hopes that no one decides to lie on us again.

In case you missed it, we had to drop an emergency episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast to discuss all this foolishness.You can listen to ‘The B. Scott Show’ via iTunesGoogle Podcasts, or Stitcher.



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