Adele's Credit Card Gets Declined at H&M: 'I Was Mortified' [Video] |

Adele’s Credit Card Gets Declined at H&M: ‘I Was Mortified’ [Video]

adele card denied

Everyone knows that Adele has coins for days — but that didn’t stop the singer’s credit card from getting declined at H&M last Sunday.

Adele opened up about her visit to H&M during her show in San Jose later that night.

“I went to H&M and my card got declined,”she said. “Oh my day’s pretty embarrassing. Nobody knew it was me, but I was mortified.”

“My dog tried to claw another dog,” before adding: “My trip to H&M was great… but no one knew it was me so I think I’m going to get away with it.

Prior to the decline, she said she did some shopping at Sephora and raved about her love for Target.

“They have everything!” she told the San Jose crowd. “I spent $100 on stuff I do not need, I never need anything I buy at Target but it’s amazing.”

Adele earned an incredible $80.5 million last year — but that just goes to show you that the feeling of having your card declined is embarrassing no matter HOW much money you have in the bank.

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