Actor Michael Jai White Shares His Son Passed Away From COVID-19 Months Ago [Video]

Actor Michael Jai White recently revealed that his family suffered a tragedy in the pandemic after his 38-year-old son passed away from COVID-19 just a few months ago.

via: Hot97

The actor shared that he had his oldest son at 15-years-old, and that the two “grew up together.” He says, “unfortunately, the street element was still part of his life growing up,” said White. “He was in the hospital for a while so it wasn’t immediate. Unfortunately, he was still kinda out there in the streets hustling, wasn’t doing well, started getting on substances. He’d come out, go back in, all that type of stuff.”

When Vlad attempted to tally up how many children Michael has altogether, Michael told him to subtract one as his 38-year-old son had passed away a few months ago.

The actor said he did what he could for his son to keep him off the streets but “ultimately, it’s up to that person, especially if it’s a grown person.” The street life was “his thing.” Michael revealed that his son got sick and was admitted to the hospital, “COVID was waiting for him… That was the knockout blow.” The substance abuse reportedly made his “system compromised.” He left behind 6 children.

Watch the full interview below.

Sending healing energy to Michael and the entire family.

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