Aaron Donald Vindicated After Man Apologizes for Mistaking NFL Star for Attacker [Photo + Video]

The man who accused Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald of assault is now apologizing to Donald, saying he was mistaken about who injured him in a fight early Sunday morning.

via: The Blast

When the pictures of the incident were released many people were not surprised that it had been Donald who got into an altercation with the man judging from the results of the encounter. It seems now though that Springs was trying to provoke the fight and he got more than he could handle, but not at the hands of Donald.

It seems that there was no way that Springgs’ attorney was going to be able to prove that it was in fact Donald who attacked his client. The apology was aired publicly in an interview that Springgs’ attorney, Todd J. Hollis, gave to a Pittsburgh radio station.

As things stand right now it doesn’t seem like Donald is going to be facing charges. That doesn’t mean though that he can get hit with a fine from the league. In previous years the NFL has gone as far as to suspend players of multiple games even when charges against them were dropped in court at the time.

Essentially what seemed to change everything, in this case, was that an attorney hired by Donald went public with Donald’s side of the story. Casey White, the attorney for Aaron Donald told ESPN on Friday, that it was, in fact, Spriggs who attacked Donald. Mentioning.

“As he ducks, somebody from behind grabs him to stop him from interacting with this guy, Mr. Spriggs, so he holds Aaron back in a sense,”

White did not provide any details as to whether or not Donald would be considering any counter-legal action.

The attorney for Aaron Donald mentioned that their side has at least 5 witnesses that are ready to testify and prove their side of the story. He also mentioned that all of the footage in security cameras from the area would prove Donald did not assault Spriggs.

Video surveillance footage released Friday shows just that.

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