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Aaron Carter’s Fiancée Blames His Manager for His Decline

Aaron Carter’s fiancée is accusing the late singer’s manager for contributing to Aaron’s declining health prior to his death.

via Complex:

Earlier this week, Carter’s manager Taylor Helgeson spoke to Page Six about his last encounter with Aaron, which took place two days before the former pop star was found dead at his home at the age of 34.

“He looked thin. He was extremely tired,” Helgeson said. “He just looked like he needed to be doing anything but working. He looked like he needed to be taking care of him.”

On Friday, Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin took to her Instagram Story to issue a scathing response to Helgeson’s interview.

“This man did nothing to help Aaron,” Martin wrote. “He enabled him so much. All he did was put a wedge between Aaron and I for the party to start,” Melanie wrote. “He tried to take over and brought him things that should have NEVER been brought to anyone. Let alone an addict.”

She also accused him of taking advantage of Aaron. “He overworked him when he was not well. He used him in life and now he’s still using him after death getting paid for interviews! This man wanted to get Aaron‘s career back but this wasn’t the time to do so,” she said. “Aaron needed help and needed rehab to be sober before he could revive his career.”

“This man was no hero. He had a hand in his relapse,” she said.

Carter passed away Nov. 5 inside his Lancaster, California home. Law enforcement responded to a call around 11 a.m. that a male had drowned in the bathtub. No foul play is suspected, and an official cause of death is unknown.

This doesn’t surprise us one bit. We already had questions as to why Aaron’s manager was going on a press tour in the wake of his death — this just adds to the suspicion.

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