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50 Cent’s GF Cuban Link ‘Sick Of’ Trolls Accusing Her Of Having Plastic Surgery [Photo]

Cuban Link is not here for the plastic surgery rumors.

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After one online user accused her of getting a nose job, Jamira Haines didn’t waste time to set the record straight.

The businesswoman, who is also known as Cuban Link, fired back at critics on Instagram. When responding to a comment that read, “Got that nose done,” she shouted, “Girl sthu. i ain’t get s”*t done.”

Jamira then shared a screenshot of the comments on her Instagram Story. “Finna start cussing y’all dumba**es out ! I’m sick of y’all! I’m sick of y’all,” she fumed. “I understood the veneers assumption cause my teeth big af lol but my nose? Come on now ! Dummy!”

Jamira went on to argue in a separate post, “I looked the same my entire life .. ain’t s**t changee .. I’m NATURALLY that girl .. & I stand on that !” She added, “Y’all brainwashed mf’s can’t pull my card . EVER ! & thats as much energy as I’m finna give y’all pea brain a**es ! [And] if you say ‘ i shouldn’t respond to them ‘ ima block you ! Stfu too ! Lmao.”

The clapback, however, backfired. “Why is she so upset about an assumption made about her nose? Especially if she believes she’s naturally that girl? I’m not saying she doesn’t have the right to be upset because she does but…,” one person commented.

Another fumed, “But they did pull your card sis.. look at how upset you are by irrelevant ppl that aren’t even in your tax bracket.. She must’ve hit a nerve.” Someone else, meanwhile, said, “Not getting mad over sumthin that’s not true. Period.”

That aside, Jamira was recently trolled by her boyfriend 50 Cent for ruining their Thanksgiving meal. “i told her a** let the chef cook. she said ‘no i want to do it for us. just let me try,’ ” Fiddy said alongside a picture of a scorched, black turkey which was just out of the oven.

“now i’m a have a damn Turkey and cheese sandwich and lay down. @_cuban_link,” the rapper/actor added. Catching wind of the post, the fitness trainer laughed, “Lmaooo.”

Unlike 50 Cent, Cuban Link really don’t bother anyone.

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