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50 Cent & Yung Miami Go Back And Forth Over Diddy Sex Work Allegations: ‘I’m Not a Prostitute’

Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ lawsuit against Diddy has brought about several shocking accusations, including that the mogul allegedly paid Yung Miami monthly for sex work.

via: Page Six

The lawsuit also claims that Yung Miami, 30, transported an illicit drug known as “pink cocaine” for her ex-boyfriend in April 2023.

Combs’ nemesis, fellow rapper 50 Cent, was quick to address the allegations against Yung Miami on social media. He shared a clip from her appearance on “The Jason Lee Show,” in which she called herself a “whore.”

“It’s ok to be a whore just make sure your [sic] being over paid,” he wrote via Instagram Sunday.

In response, Yung Miami denied being a sex worker in his comments section, claiming her words were “taken out of context” by 50 Cent.

“It’s a gay slur ‘what’s up whore’ is something my gay cousin always said to me,” she explained.

“It’s c–t it’s a slang that we said to each other that’s what I was trying to explain to Jason because he’s gay and he got what I was trying to say. I’m not a prostitute. I never sold a day in my life. & I hate how this is getting spun.”

The “In Da Club” hitmaker seemingly had a change of heart after reading her comment. He took a screenshot, which he captioned, “I like at @yungmiami305. I don’t want to hurt her, or her feelings.”

Over the weekend, Yung Miami was also served papers in relation to her alleged dealings with Combs.

An eyewitness told Page Six that she was talking to fans following a pool party she hosted at Sekai in Houston, Texas, on Saturday when two men approached her abruptly.

“This is from my homeboy. He wanted you to check it out,” one of the men said to her, per our source. After she grabbed the papers, the man added, “You Yung Miami? Caresha, you have been served.”

We’re told she yelled out, “You f—king lame. I don’t give a f—k,” and continued snapping photos with fans.

Yung Miami later addressed the incident via X, tweeting, “Tryna serve me some paper over MERCH that I’m not selling is LAME!!! Like everybody wanna go viral so bad let’s go viral I’m tired!!!!!!!!”

Page Six has reached out to Yung Miami’s reps for further comment.

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