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50 Cent May Have Finally Snared Rick Ross in Tape Fallout Case

50 Cent could finally get rival rapper Rick Ross to appear in the seemingly endless lawsuit that Fiddy’s been waging against his old law firm Reed Smith.

As part of the $32 million civil case in Atlanta, Fiddy’s alleged that his former law firm failed to secure evidence and testimony from Ross regarding the posting of a tape featuring Ross’ former girlfriend Lastonia Leviston.

Leviston successfully sued 50 Cent for allegedly posting the tape. She famously won a $7 million judgment after claiming she was caused “intentional emotional stress.” But 50 Cent claims that Ross posted the tape first. His current lawyers say they’ve been trying to subpoena Ross since last year, and they claim that Ross has managed to avoid process servers in the case — who’ve tried to serve him at his home, at a Boston hotel, and at a show. On March 11, a judge ordered Ross to accept the subpoena and to be deposed on March 25.

Fiddy’s lawyer, Imran H. Ansari, told Page Six, in a statement, of the latest twist: “Rick Ross has been trying to duck this deposition since last year, and having not shown up for a hearing before a federal judge in Georgia last week, we are pleased with the judge’s decision to put an end to his evasiveness by making him accept a subpoena from my client and testify.”

Ross’ rep did not immediately get back to us. Then again, it remains to be seen amid the coronavirus scare if the deposition takes place in person or via video.

The firm Reed Smith has denied all the allegations.

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