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50 Cent Celebrates Writers’ Strike Coming To An End: ‘I’m Glad This Sh-t Is Over’

50 Cent has let out a very public sigh of relief as the Writers Guild of America reached an agreement with major studios and streaming platforms to end their strike.

via: AceShowbiz

Upon learning that the five-month strike is finally coming to an end, the actor portraying Kanan Stark on “Power” promoted his movie and series.

On Monday, September 25, the 48-year-old actor and hip-hop artist revealed that he is “glad” knowing workers in the film industry are going back to work very soon. Sharing his thoughts via Instagram, he penned, “I’m glad this s**t is over.”

The “In Da Club” rapper went on to promote his projects. “Check ‘EXPENDABLES 4’ (‘Expend4bles’) in theaters now! and catch ‘FORCE’ (Power Book IV: Force) season 2 the best s**t onTv right now [a bomb emoji] BOOMGLG [a traffic light emoji],” he wrote. He concluded, “GreenLightGang back in action #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

It did not take long for 50 Cent’s post to be flooded with online responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user reminded the filmmaker by writing, “Fif SAG still on strike man nobody can promote still,” adding a slew of smiling face with tears of joy emojis. Similarly, another penned, “Lol you’re an actor. Yall are still on strike [laughing emojis].”

In the meantime, other Instagram users showered the star with praise for his skills in acting. A third exclaimed, “I heard you did your thing in ‘Expendables 4’,” adding a goat and flame emojis. Meanwhile, a fourth gushed, “You did very well in ‘Den of Thieves’ I enjoyed that film a lot it was filled with drama,action and had good dialogue.”

Fif’s celebration came shortly after it was announced that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers agreed to a tentative three-year contract, leading to the end of the 146-day strike. On Sunday, the WGA’s negotiating committee revealed the exciting news to its members via an email.

“We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional – with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership,” the message read. “To be clear, no one is to return to work until specifically authorized to by the Guild. We are still on strike until then.”

“Though we are eager to share the details of what has been achieved with you, we cannot do that until the last ‘i’ is dotted,” they continued. “To do so would complicate our ability to finish the job. So, as you have been patient with us before, we ask you to be patient again – one last time.”

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