50 Cent celebrates sidelining of NYPD commander who told cops to ‘shoot’ rapper ‘on sight’ [Photo] | lovebscott.com

50 Cent celebrates sidelining of NYPD commander who told cops to ‘shoot’ rapper ‘on sight’ [Photo]

50 Cent was gloating on social media Wednesday after The Post reported the NYPD sidelined its commander who once told his cops to “shoot” the rapper “on sight.”

The “Patiently Wating” Queens emcee was having “Just A Lil Bit” of fun on Instagram sharing the news that Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez, who was commanding officer of Sunset Park’s 72nd Precinct, was transferred to the NYPD’s Auxiliary Police Section in the past week — a move that is widely viewed as a demotion.

“Remember this guy Commanding officer Gonzalez from the 72 percinct (sic), They bust his ass down to auxiliary no more Strap just a flash light and badge,” Fitty posted with a host of emojis. “LOL.”

The auxiliary program consists of volunteer officers who “observe and report conditions requiring the services of the regular police,” according to the NYPD’s website.

An NYPD spokesman insisted the transfer had nothing to do with the threats against the rapper.

“It is inaccurate to say the inspector was transferred as a result of any issues stemming from the 50 Cent allegations,” a police spokesman said.

But one source described the move as “punishment.”

Gonzalez came under department review after giving his cops the message back in June 2018 — the same day as the Bronx Smoker, the charity where 50 Cent was headed to watch cops who have beef with each other duke out their workplace feuds.

Fitty at the time penned a series of since-deleted Instagram posts saying he was taking the threat “very seriously” and calling out Gonzalez.

Bad blood between the two can be traced back to the now-shuttered Brooklyn hip-hop club “Love and Lust.”

Fitty came under fire earlier in 2018 when urged his legion of followers to “Get the strap” — hs signature catchphrase — in response to news that Gonzalez was allegedly squeezing the club’s owner for free stuff.


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