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Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown – Nobody’s Business [Full Song]

The leak has begun! Take a listen to “Nobody’s Business” featuring Chris Brown, easily the most talked about track from Rihanna’s Unapologetic album.

Thoughts? I think the song is really cute! Chris’ falsetto sounds a little off, but he makes up for it in the end with his Michael Jackson-esque ad-libs.

Unapologetic hits stores November 19.

  • LOVE IT :)

  • Jayden Robins

    Rihanna sounds a lot better than Chris on this track. Those high notes don’t even sound like him and the Michael Jackson-esque ad-libbing is creepy.

  • Missy

    Chris’ vocals SLAY the song. He went off in the end. Their voices blend well together!

  • :D Ilove it?

  • ryan

    omg awesome, plus got some MJ

  • Tony

    amazing!!! love it!!

  • james

    this will likely inspire a lot of young women to stay with their abusive partners. saddens me.

    • AT&T

      Unfortunately, people were staying with abusive partners before this track was released and will continue to do so after the release. Music is not the reasoning behind a person’s stupidity.

  • Ellie

    What an awful message for young women to be exposed to. Outrageous. What is ridiculous is that after he beat her up she used that to sell records about how bad domestic violence is (Russian Roulette anyone?) Now she’s using them getting back together to sell records too. If they must f**k each other up like this, why don’t they keep it to themselves – especially if “it aint nobody’s business?” Young people certainly don’t need to hear about it. Such terrible terrible role models.

    • Shan Payton

      shut the fuck up you lonely dick thriving hoe

  • Tandiliscious

    Great song!!

  • I love this song, regardless of the “message” it sends.

  • Deturbo

    Nobody’s bidness ,(not a typo)so I’ll just write a song about it and tell the world.