Yung Miami Claps Back at People Giving Her Relationship Advice After Diddy Confirmed They’re Dating [Video]

Now that Yung Miami and Diddy have confirmed that they’re dating, the internet has had a LOT to say.

Yung Miami doesn’t care and addressed haters on Instagram Live telling everyone to ‘shut the f*ck up.’

via Complex:

“Y’all always gonna come and say don’t do this and don’t do that,” Miami said. “Don’t tell me what the fuck to do because I’m living my best motherfucking life. I don’t need no relationship advice from nobody cause y’all bitches ain’t married neither, y’all bitches ain’t been together with ya’ll men, like please I don’t need no relationship advice from nobody.”

She continued, “I don’t need relationship advice from nobody on the internet. I’m good, I’m having a good time. I know how to keep a man. If I wanted to have a man I know how to keep one. I don’t need no relationship advice from y’all. Y’all bitches ain’t married. Y’all bitches is baby mama’s. Shut the fuck up. Ain’t no n***a walking me, ain’t no n***a treating me no type of way. Bitch I get princess treatment.”

That’s what happens when you offer up your personal business for public entertainment.

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