Yo Gotti Showered With Praises After He Answered Angela Simmons' Call During Interview [Video]

It’s no secret that Angela Simmons has long been the object of Yo Gotti’s affection.

via: AceShowbiz

The “Down in the DM” rapper received many positive responses after a video of him answering Angela Simmons’ call in the middle of an interview went viral.

On Monday, August 7, a clip documenting the 42-year-old hip-hop artist picking up his phone to answer his 35-year-old partner’s call mid-interview made its rounds on Instagram. In the comments section, one Instagram user gushed, “Real recognizes real! Not only did my boy answer the phone mid interview…when he told her he’s in an interview she said ‘ok’ then hung up. All about security (which he gave) and respect (which she gave).”

Similarly, another joined in, “Also, notice how she believed him and left him to it. She didn’t ask multiple questions, embarrass him or nag him. She clearly respects and trusts him because he obviously makes her a priority and doesn’t leave any opportunities for her to create her own narratives. I love this for them! Hope we hear wedding bells soon!”

The positive online comments did not stop there. A third exclaimed, “Boyyyy after all he did to MANIFEST her he is doing all the right things to keep her!! They been my new favorite power couple!! [a slew of purple heart emojis] Black love WINS.” A fourth added, “BUT… ladies also realize she respected what he had going on and reciprocated the correct energy. Don’t ask for a Gotti if you cant act like an Angela.”

In the video itself, Gotti could be seen quickly picking up Angela’s call on his mobile phone upon learning that he was allowed to take it. He could be heard saying, “Yeah, what up? I’m doing an interview right now.” After Angela hung up the call, Gotti told the interviewer, “It was shorty.”

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