YNW Melly’s Lead Attorney Motions For Mistrial

Florida rapper YNW Melly, is on trial for allegedly shooting and killing two of his friends in October 2018.

via: HotNewHipHop

On the fourth day of YNW Melly’s double murder trial, his case took an interesting and possibly foreboding turn. Moreover, correspondent Bryson “Boom” Paul reported via Twitter that the rapper’s lead attorney, David A. Howard, requested a mistrial in the case. It’s unclear, at least based on Paul’s initial report, what the motive behind the motion was. Other reports suggest that the mistrial was suggested by the defense after the state brought in evidence that caused too much prejudice in the trial. For those unaware, this refers to evidence that does not further the facts of the case, but rather creates a bias in favor of or in this case against the defendant.

In any case, it seems like the involvement of family members, ex-girlfriends, leaked DMs, and more have cause the jury to become too tainted in the defense’s eyes. Furthermore, Paul reported that Judge Murphy III took the motion for a mistrial under advisement. The court will discuss on Tuesday, June 20 once trial resumes. Until that day comes, this is the last we will hear of YNW Melly’s case in the courtroom.

Regardless, debate erupted online as to whether this motion actually means that the Gifford native will walk. Many on Twitter pointed out that it is up to the judge to determine whether a mistrial is in order. As such, celebrations of the request from the “Mixed Personalities” MC’s supporters are moot until it’s approved. Others claimed that if the court deems a case a mistrial on prejudice, then the defendant cannot be tried again. However, this seems to be mostly speculative and largely unconfirmed by the courts, reporters, or other trusted sources. In most cases, an approved mistrial still allows the defendant to be tried again.

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