Yikes! Ohio Funeral Ends With Everyone Pepper Sprayed After the Deceased Man's Wife and Girlfriend Start Fighting

A funeral in Ohio ended in a brawl after the deceased man’s wife and his girlfriend started fighting.

Police were called to the scene and things quickly escalated, leaving the officer no choice but to pepper spray the group involved.

via NYDN:

Dayton Police were called to the Young Lusain Funeral Home Monday afternoon after receiving a report of a brawl during an unidentified man’s service.

According to a police report, Nicole Corbitt walked into the service claiming to be the girlfriend of the deceased. When the man’s widow, identified as Jacqueline Finley, got upset and asked her to leave, the two women started arguing. The report states that as Corbitt was leaving the funeral home she punched Finley’s daughter, Shyla Cooks, in the face. 

Finley told officers that the attack was “unprovoked.” That’s when things escalated and Finley, her daughter, Corbitt and several other women started fighting. 

An employee at the funeral home and another man attempted to break up the fight but couldn’t pull the women off each other.

Finley pepper sprayed the group of women and the fight ended. Police said Cooks’ left eye was slightly swollen, but no other injuries were reported.  

No arrests were made.

May that man rest in peace, because judging by this story he probably didn’t have much peace on earth.

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