Yikes! Missouri Woman Ends Up With 4 Eyebrows After Botched Microblading Procedure [Video]

42-year-old Jami Ledbetter is suffering after a microblading procedure went terribly wrong and left her with duplicate eyebrows.

The process itself involves tattooing eyebrow strokes with permanent or semi-permanent ink to create a fuller shaped brow — but the woman who claimed to be certified in microblading didn’t exactly do them right.

via ABC:

“It just looked like I was really surprised,” Ledbetter said. 

The outcome killed her confidence, and makeup couldn’t even cover up the unprofessional job. 

“I was devastated. I was even dating a guy and he stopped dating me at that point,” she said. 

After reaching out to multiple licensed tattoo artists for help, Ledbetter found someone. 

Kara Gutierrez, a licensed and insured tattoo artist, has specialized in permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal for four years. 

Gutierrez was able to remove Ledbetter’s brows with a product called LI-FT, a pigment lightning solution that’s tattooed in the bad ink. 

Ledbetter had to pay more than $1,000 for the removal procedure.

Yikes. Check out the video below.

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