Yikes! Ann Coulter CHECKS Raven-Symoné on 'The View' and Leaves Her SPEECHLESS [Video] | lovebscott.com

Yikes! Ann Coulter CHECKS Raven-Symoné on ‘The View’ and Leaves Her SPEECHLESS [Video]


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Controversial Republican political pundit Ann Coulter stopped by ‘The View’ today and got Raven-Symoné RIGHT together — and it’s certainly something we didn’t see coming…especially from Ann of all people.

Raven’s made her fair share of egregious comments since joining ‘The View’ earlier this year, and up until now she has, for the most part, remained unchecked at the table.

On today’s show, the ladies’ discussion turned to the topic of immigration and Donald Trump when Raven tried to come for Ann’s position.

Raven informed Ann that she was taught by her mother that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all before asking Ann why she felt the need to “mudsling.”

THAT’s when Ann clapped back, reminding Raven of her ‘Watermelondrea’ comments.

She said,

“I’m at least talking about policy. You have a position on what people’s names should be. Watermelondrea. I mean, you’ll insult people for their names.I’m talking about a government policy that affects all Americans and immigrants and the people living here, and it’s harming our country. So you don’t follow it.”

Raven tried to clap back, but Ann’s remarks left her with nothing to say.

Watch below.

You can watch the full discussion as well:

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