YesJulz Again Denies Having Affair With LeBron James, Says She's 'Tired of This Stain Being Put On My Name' [Photo + Video]

YesJulz has cleared up rumors about her and athlete LeBron James, as well as denied being in the car with Terrence J during his 2018 wreck.

via: Complex

The Miami influencer took to social media to share a clip of her denying that she ever slept with the Los Angeles Laker, a story that reportedly started in 2014.

“I have never in my entire life been alone with LeBron James, period,” YesJulz said. “There is nothing that ever went on there. Clearly, we were friends. I was working in Miami. I was one of the most popular party promoters and throwers in Miami… I started working with them through Maverick Carter, shoutout to Mav, and so I was around and they supported me. And obviously, do you think that somebody that’s married would tweet and take pictures with and be around and bring somebody that they’re doing something with around their family and wife?”

She also revealed that she did date one of his friends, though it didn’t work out.

“It wasn’t LeBron,” YesJulz continued. “Did I have relations with somebody he is friends with or knows? Did I end up going on dates and trying my hand with someone that was around him at the time? Yeah, I did. We were friends, we tried dating for a little bit, had a great time. Ended up not taking it further than that and then remained friends.”

“I did not fuck with LeBron,” she continued. “I have the utmost respect for Savannah. Love her. I think she’s amazing. They have a beautiful family and I’m really f***ing tired of this stain being put on my name.”

She pretty much the same thing about her and James in a tweet from 2020.

Julz also resolved the rumor that she was in the car with Terrance J when he crashed it n 2018, saying she wasn’t the mystery woman who was with him.

“I’ve told my truth and the next time I see any media platform spreading a false narrative about me my lawyer is going to sue the fuck out of you,” she tweeted. “Try me if you’d like, I’ve got the budget & motivation to fight back now.”

She slammed Joe Budden for circulating incorrect information: “That goes for you too, Joe Buggin. I wasn’t the one in the car & I’m not letting that narrative continue without repercussions either. Enough is enough.”

Julz recently welcomed her first child, a baby girl with NFL player Duke Riley. The pair were engaged, though they later broke it off.

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