WWE Star Ettore 'Big E' Ewen Says He Broke His Neck During SmackDown, But Will 'Be Alright' [Photos + Video]

WWE superstar Big E broke his neck during Friday night’s episode of “Smackdown” in Birmingham, Alabama.

via: People

The WWE star, 36, revealed in a video shared on Twitter Friday evening that he broke his neck following an incident that took place amid a live broadcast of WWE SmackDown.

Big E, who has been with the WWE since 2009, told fans he will “be alright” in the clip, which sees him laying in what appears to be a hospital bed while sporting a neck brace.

“I can’t thank all of you beautiful people enough for all of your concern and your messages, it’s very heartwarming,” he says in the video. “I can move all of my digits … that’s always a good thing. Strength feels fine, but unfortunately, they tell me my neck is broken, so there’s that.”

Adds Big E: “I’m gonna be alright. I’ll be good. Don’t worry. Go to sleep. Don’t worry about old me. But for real, thank you. I appreciate all of you.”

During Friday’s WWE SmackDown event where he obtained his injury, Big E was up against competitor Ridge Holland, who performed a belly-to-belly suplex while he was outside the ring, per CBS Sports.

After landing on top of Big E’s head in the stunt gone wrong, the wrestler was removed from the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, on a stretcher to receive medical care, according to ESPN.

The sports star was met with an outpouring of love from fellow industry athletes on social media after the accident.

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