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Did It Work? Witches Gather to Hex Brett Kavanaugh at Brooklyn Bookstore

Witches gathered at a Brooklyn bookstore to place a hex on US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during a protest ritual.

via The Independent:

The spell, which was livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram on Saturday, was also targeted at “all rapists and the patriarchy which emboldens, rewards and protects them”.

Organisers at the Catland occult bookshop in Brooklyn said the hex was as “an act of resistance and resilience” following the controversy over allegations of sexual assault against Mr Kavanaugh.

“He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind,” the bookshop told its followers.

Directions on how to cast a “stripped-down” version of the spell at home, were also provided on Facebook.

The ingredients included graveyard dirt, coffin nails, a black candle, a broken mirror, and revenge oil.

“Obtain a photo of your enemy,” read the instructions. ”Mark it according to your purposes and write out your curses on it. Dress it with the oil.

“Place the ingredients in the jar and then fill it halfway with water from a thunderstorm, war water, toilet water or vinegar and the rest of the way with your urine. Once finished, seal the jar tightly with the lid.

“Carve the candle with your target’s name, dress it with the oil and then roll it in the graveyard dirt. Melt the bottom of the candle and affix it to the lid of the jar.”

The ritual continues with the lighting of the candle and a recitation of psalm 109, which includes the curse “Let his posterity be cut off, and in the generation following let their name be blotted out.”

Alternatively followers could read out a Latin prayer which translates as: “The king is dead, hear us scream, tear off his head, burn his bones, salt the earth, rage is our song, rage is our mother.”

The ritual should be repeated every Saturday after nightfall “to exact your curse upon your target”, it is claimed.

It follows three previous rituals to place hexes on Donald Trump last year. Half of the proceeds of the event are to be donated to charity and a second hex is planned for 3 November.

“The harm we want to inflict on Kavanaugh and Trump is that they be exposed and shown for what they are and ousted or at least discredited,” Dakota Bracciale, co-owner of Catland Books, told The Independent.

“On the practical aspect, yes there is spell casting and we are going to curse him and hex him and wish him bad things.

“But on a more important level, this is a coming together of people who recognise this as an important moment in our country.”

Catholics responded to news of the spell on Mr Kavanaugh by fasting and praying for his spiritual protection. 

Father Gary Thomas, an exorcist in San Jose, California, who performed a special mass for the Supreme Court justice, said: “This is a conjuring of evil, not about free speech.”

“The decision to do this against a Supreme Court justice is a heinous act and says a lot about the character of these people that should not be underestimated or dismissed,” he added.

Mr Kavanaugh denied all the allegations against him. 

We’re not passing any judgement on what people feel like they need to do in the day and age of this administration. Just let us know if it worked.

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