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Woman Reportedly Sues Fetty Wap for Allegedly Strangling and Punching Her

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Fetty Wap for physically assaulting her in his L.A. home.

According to her claims, he strangled and hit her in the face.

via Complex:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the woman says the incident took place in June 2019, when she was invited to a party at Wap’s home. In the suit, she alleges that Wap was inebriated and “without any justification or provocation,” he became physically aggressive towards a number of people, including her.

She claims that towards the end of the night, she made a comment about the party to her friend. When Wap overheard her, he walked towards her and “aggressively placed his face directly to (her) face while threatening to harm her.” He also “pressed his finger on her forehead and forcefully pushed her head back.”

According to the documents, Wap “violently grabbed Plaintiff by her throat and strangled her.” The go on to say that, “While still choking her, (Fetty) forcefully pushed Plaintiff against a window and threatened Plaintiff by saying “I’ll kill you.” The woman alleges that a witness was able to separate them, but “Fetty Wap continued to grab and push (her) before finally swinging and punching Plaintiff directly in the face.”

A video of the incident’s aftermath surfaced online, where Wap can be seen knocking the woman’s cell phone from her hand while she asks him about the purported assault.

After the assault, the alleged victim called 911 and reported what happened. The LAPD launched an investigation and subsequently asked the Los Angeles District Attorney if she could pursue criminal charges.

The woman hasn’t specified what amount she wants from Wap, but says she has continually suffered “distress, humiliation, indignation, and outrage” from the incident. The Los Angeles DA didn’t file charges due to insufficient evidence and the witness’s refusal to share any information.

He’ll more than likely settle and this case will fade away — much like his career.

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