Woah! Victor Cruz's Fiancée Sent a Nice-Nasty Group Text to Over 200 of His Side Chicks

Elaina Watley, the fiancé of injured New York Giants’ player Victor Cruz, is sick and tired of her man running messing around with a bunch of side chicks — so she did something about it.

According to BSO, Elaina got ahold of Victor’s contacts and sent a nice-nasty mass text to over 200 girls.

One of the women in the group text claims there were over 200 women in the group text (has nothing to do with the area code). We also found out that Elaina allegedly caught Cruz sending nudes to various side chicks and that is why she shot off the group text. Now, that doesn’t mean Victor Cruz has slept with all 200 of them, but if he did those are a lot of hotel reward points, he has to be getting free wifi wherever he goes to smash the side chicks.

Check out the alleged message (Note: We find it a little hard to believe he’s dealing with 200 side chicks…but in this day and age, you never know.):



Exchange notes? Yikes.

Victor and Elaina first met in 2003 and got engaged in 2012. They have a daughter named Kennedy.

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