Willow Smith Officially Comes Out as Polyamorous in a New Episode of “Red Table Talk” [Video]

Willow Smith is opening up about her sex life.

In a lively generational debate on marriage and monogamy, Willow opens up about her decision to practice ethical non-monogamy and Gammy shares how she considered polyamory herself! Also, Poly Solo Gabrielle Smith and her married boyfriend Alex come to the Table to reveal how their multiple-partner approach to relationships works, especially with his wife.

Even though Willow is polyamourous, she has the least sex out of all her friends. She goes on to express that “with polyamory, I feel like the main foundation is the freedom to be able to create a relationship style that works for you and not just stepping into monogamy because that’s what everyone around you says is the right thing to do. So I was like, how can I structure the way that I approach relationships with that in mind? Also, doing research into polyamory, the main reasons why monogamous relationships– or why marriage– why divorces happen is infidelity.”

The ladies also discuss Jada’s reaction when Willow told her she was polyamorous
“So how did you feel when I told you that I was polyamorous?” – Willow
“When you were like, ‘Hey, this is my get down’, I was like, ‘I totally get it’. Wanting to set up your life in a way that you can have what it is that you want, I think anything goes as long as the intentions are clear. You know what I mean?” – Jada
“To everyone involved.” – Willow
“To everyone.” – Jada
“And to yourself.” – Willow
“Really more to yourself than anything, right? And I know that there’s a lot of beauty that sits outside of the conventional boxes.” – Jada

Jada thinks most people are monogamous because they feel there’s no other choice. As well as believing the idea that monogamy is your only choice is antiquated
“Most people are practicing monogamy because they feel like they have no other choice. We all know that most people out here [are] doing unethical non-monogamy any-damn-way, OK?.” “Practicing monogamy has to be a choice that you make just like practicing polyamory.”

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