Will You Be Trying? Vegan KitKat Bars Are Hitting Shelves Soon

If you’re a vegan who lives in Europe, soon you’ll be able to indulge your sweet tooth craving with a KitKat.

Nestle announced it’s testing a vegan version of its popular KitKat bar.

via NYDN:

The product is still developing the bar and no release date was declared, but Nestle said it would “soon have a delicious plant-based option that delivers the perfect balance between crispy wafer and smooth chocolate that people know and love.”

Nestle has already announced plant-based options for several other products, including non-dairy ice cream and coffee creamers.

The KitKat V will be launched in several countries, in the company’s boutique KitKat Chocolatory shops or online and at certain retail outlets.

However, since KitKat’s are produced in the U.S. under a licensing agreement with Hershey’s, the KitKat V’s U.S. debut is up in the air.

Nothing about this sounds remotely satisfying.

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