Whoops: Nicki Minaj Accidentally Posts Her Social Security Number on Social Media

Nicki Minaj took to social media to reflect on her past.

While she thought she was simply posting an old mugshot to illustrate her growth, she quickly realized she accidentally posted her social security number alongside it.

via HipHopDX:

“It took me years to be able to look at things like this,” she wrote in the since-deleted caption. “Criminal possession with the intent to use. I did use it tho. This is so inspiring to look back. The girl was leaking blood and spent days in the hospital. The word on the street was that I was gonna b deported. I was so scared. LOL. I was ‘on the run.’ I rlly thought I was in a ghetto movie. I hid my car and went to stay with my Aunt in Brooklyn chile. Bwahahahaaaa. #Growth.”

The post included two mugshots of a 20-year-old Nicki under her government name, Onika Maraj, and other pertinent information at the time.

Eighteen years have passed since Nicki’s arrest and obviously life is a lot different for the rap superstar. Not only is she married and the mother of a baby boy, the 38-year-old is also one of the biggest female artists in music history. On Friday (May 14), Nicki made her triumphant return with the release of an expanded version of her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty.

You can see the photo Nicki tweeted below — the SSN has been blurred out to not make the same mistake she did.

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