Wendy Williams Show Staff Allegedly Fear She Won’t Return: 'She Has Disappeared'

According to a source close to The Wendy Williams Show, her production staff is concerned that she won’t be returning to the show at all.

via The Sun:

The insider told The Sun: “She hasn’t been talking to anybody, not producers, not senior producers- no one. 

“She has disappeared and the only line of contact production has is through her manager.” 

While production is concerned for the troubled host after she seemed to have fallen off the grid, they do appreciate her manager’s expertise and find some solace in his capabilities. 

“Her manager is an ex-cop, so they like him because he can be a police man for her,” despite that- the source said “He really has no control over her anyway.” 

The show source added: “She’s isolated herself from everyone and isn’t talking to anybody connected to the show.” 

Meanwhile, several sources have told The Sun that staffers fear Wendy will never return to the show.  

As the insider put it: “I don’t think she’s ever going to come back to the studio.”

The only clues to her whereabouts this month is a photo her son Kevin Jr shared to his Instagram Stories last weekend which he geo-tagged as Miami.  

The Sun exclusively reported earlier this week that at the start of the pandemic lockdown in 2020, the host allegedly struggled with her addiction issues which spiraled into a dark and troubling incident in May of that year.  

Just before the host’s team claimed she was hospitalized for Graves’ disease that month, Wendy experienced a disturbing episode with a handful of people present as she was working from home.   

According to sources, Wendy’s manager was summoned to her penthouse apartment after she had appeared unwell during a Zoom show taping earlier in the week.   

Her manager and a small group of confidants arrived to the host’s home to lend support to the struggling talk show queen.   

According to multiple sources, Wendy had stripped naked in her room and was shouting vulgar comments.  

The eyewitnesses looked on in horror, and immediately called healthcare workers.   

After medical personnel arrived at the home, Wendy allegedly grew more aggressive.    

The host was eventually taken to the hospital, where she would remain for weeks.   

Reps for Wendy and The Wendy Williams Show did not respond to The Sun’s multiple requests for comment. 

Wendy’s current absence from the show started in September of last year. 

We told you guys months ago that Wendy’s return wasn’t likely. If not returning to the show is what’s best for her health, then she should call it quits.

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