Wendy Williams Reveals Her Mother, Shirley Williams, Died 'Many Weeks Ago' [Video]

Wendy Williams took to her show on Monday to confirm news that her mother, Shirley Williams, has died.

During the episode, Wendy revealed that her mother actually passed away weeks before news surfaced this past weekend.

“My mom passed away many, many, many, many weeks ago,’ the 56-year-old star said. “You know how you lose track of the day and time? All I know was it was a long time ago. The five of us, my mom, dad, my siblings, the five of us  — she will always be here.”

She added her mother passed away “beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love. She didn’t suffer, not one bit.”

Wendy continued to reflected on her relationship with her mother, saying the two often acted like “teenage girls” together.

“Gone is the best mother, the best girlfriend, that a girl could ever have,” she said, holding back tears. “I feel fortunate that I had her in my life all of my 56 years.”

Watch Wendy’s announcement below.

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