Wendy Williams' Manager Refutes Her Son's Claims That Her Team Is Taking Advantage Of Her

Wendy Williams’ manager is sharing an update on the former TV host’s guardianship and her recovery, amid her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.’s concerns over his mother’s well-being.

via: AceShowbiz

Will Selby vehemently denied the accusations in a new interview.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Well said, “Taking advantage of her for what? To get what? To do what?” He continued, “I’m not here to brag but I was doing just okay before Wendy came along and I insisted on helping her because she requested my assistance.”

“Wendy is under a guardianship. Everything that she does gets approved by the guardianship. A court-appointed guardianship. So, no one, even if they wanted to take advantage of her — everything has to get approved by that court,” he pointed out. “So, any type of business dealings that we do, Wendy, myself and anyone — we have to get the guardianship to sign off on it. So how can anyone take advantage of her?”

The jeweler-turned-manager later criticized Kevin for going to a publication before speaking to his mother about his concerns. “If your mother was near death would the first thing you do is call an online publication?” he questioned. “Okay. So, that’s all I have to say about that.”

“I usually don’t do this. I’m only speaking on behalf of my client, and I’m not trying to have a debate with Kevin. You know he’s a young man, and honestly, I feel like he’s gone through a lot. He’s probably dealing with a lot. I have a son that’s the same age as him, and sometimes you just make poor decisions, in my opinion, and I’m just speaking to my son,” Well said of the 22-year-old, whom Wendy shares with ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

He stressed, “I’m not here to be combative about whatever allegations he has. He’s entitled to his opinion. I’m just trying to say that us, as adults, let’s be responsible and let’s actually utilize some common sense. Someone was near death, someone like your mother. Why would you go to an online publication to discuss it with them?”

Wendy’s rep, Shawn Zanotti, echoed the sentiment. “This publication has released false narratives with the intent to release stories without fully vetting information, which is a disadvantage to the public, and is unprofessional and unethical. We ask that the world continues to pray for the well-being of Wendy as she continues to recover from a very traumatic two years,” she said.

Meanwhile, Well revealed that Wendy is in a “better place.” Of the former “The Wendy Williams Show” host, he said, “She’s progressing very well. She looks healthy. She sounds healthy, and I think she’s doing amazing. As of today. I’m not a doctor, but that’s my synopsis on how Wendy’s doing right now.”

Well additionally shared that the former daytime talk show queen is currently in a wellness facility. “She’s taking it day by day. And that’s another thing, too, does anybody even ask like, ‘How’s she doing?’ Does anyone even care… I feel like everyone just puts out negative information about her and that’s the focus,” he divulged. “Why don’t we just stop for a moment and just say, ‘Hey, how is she? Is she doing okay today?’ Why is that not the focus? Why isn’t that what we’re talking about on a daily basis?”

He asked people to show love for Wendy as he pleaded, “Just understand that she’s a human being that’s going through a lot. She’s dealing with a lot and support her, please.”

In the interview, Well shared that Wendy’s primary focus is her health. “Wendy is looking ahead to the future and the next chapter of her life. She’s only thinking about things that she wants to do in her life,” he said, “She’s only thinking about Wendy 2.0 and her new chapter of her life, and the things that she wants to accomplish, and that’s our focus.”

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