Welcome to Sweetie Pie Star Further Implicated in Murder-For-Hire Plot Against Nephew

The plot thickens in Tim Norman’s pending murder trial. The Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s star was arrested and charged with being the ring leader in a murder-for-hire plot that left his 21-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery, dead from gunshot wounds.

via: KMOV4

Travell Hill pleaded guilty to two charges – conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and murder for hire. Both counts carry a mandatory life in prison sentence. His official sentencing was set for September.

Court documents state Montgomery was killed after he went outside to meet someone after getting a telephone call. Days prior to the murder, Hill reportedly met with a mutual acquaintance and James Timothy Norman, Montgomery’s uncle, where Norman said he wanted Montgomery dead.

The day of the murder, Hill and Norman met, and Hill’s understanding afterwards was that Norman wanted Montgomery killed, according to the plea agreement. Norman told Hill Terica Ellis would call him on his cellular telephone to let him know where he could find Montgomery. Later that day, Ellis reportedly called Hill and told him where Montgomery was.

Hill went to where Montgomery was, and after watching him outside the home, walked up and shot him multiple times. After the shooting, Hill ran off and got rid of his cellular telephone and gun, police said.

Two days after the murder, Hill was given $5,000 by an individual and told “words to the effect of, ‘keep your mouth quiet,’ officials said. Hill reportedly accepted the money, knowing it was a payment from Norman for the murder.

All three face life in prison. Prosecutors originally sought the death penalty in Tim’s case but opted not to move forward with it. In Hill’s plea agreement, a reported life sentence is accepted.

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