Watch: Woman Pops Off on Supermarket Worker for Having to Wear a Mask While Shopping |

Watch: Woman Pops Off on Supermarket Worker for Having to Wear a Mask While Shopping

A California woman thought she was doing the public a great services by recording a supermarket employee sticking to store policy and insisting she wear a mask to enter the store, but instead she ended up looking like an asshole on the internet.

via Complex:

The woman, identified as Shelley Lewis by herself in the video, was denied entry into the store for refusing to wear a mask…something she made quite clear she wasn’t going to do even though she was offered one by the employee at the door. 

Lewis states that she has a medical condition that precludes her from wearing a mask, and that she’s “not required by HIPAA” to disclose what the condition is. The manager offers to get her items for her, but she says she plans to purchase “private” things she doesn’t really want him to see. 

The manager stands firm in his refusal to allow her entrance, and she asks to see the “regulations” stating she can’t come in. He states that it’s company policy, and she goes on to accuse the store of discrimination. 

The manager goes on to say that he can’t accommodate her requests, and that if she wishes she can call the corporate office. She tells him that she plans to file a lawsuit. 

About two minutes into the footage the employee at the door catches her attention by dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” It’s possible he always dances like this, but probably not. He explains that he’s a bartender and that he’s happy to be working.

The video ends with the manager giving her a card with the corporate number on it in addition to giving her his name. 

As they are wont to do, Reddit sleuths dove into her background and discovered her alleged beliefs

Also Heavy, the go-to source for facts about regular people you just heard of four minutes earlier, found that Lewis had been going hard against COVID-19 regulations on her Facebook page. Citing a ‘Flat Earther’ conference bio from a woman they claim to be her, Heavy also reports that she was discharged from the military due to Lupus. Whether or not that’s the medical issue she’s referencing in the viral video is unclear.

Watch the video below.

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