Watch Snoop Dogg Take Down The Miz During WrestleMania Appearance [Video]

Snoop Dogg has surpassed half a century of life, but his rising age isn’t stopping him from continuing to make epic moves in the music industry and beyond. After throwing his hat in the ring to perform at Prince Charles’ upcoming coronation last week, the rapper is now showing off his strength in the ring at WrestleMania 39. On Sunday (April 2), the Doggfather made headlines by pinning WWE Superstar The Miz using a People’s Elbow that’s earning him plenty of praise online.

via: Rolling Stone

Snoop Dogg’s title as the “Doggfather of WrestleMania” remains in good standing after he stepped into the ring on Sunday at WrestleMania 39 in Inglewood, California. The rapper’s surprise appearance came moments after Shane McMahon’s grand return was cut short by a blown-out knee during his spar with host The Miz, leaving Snoop Dogg to save the day.

Stepping into the ring, the rapper delivered a swift right hook to The Miz, who immediately fell to the mat. Tossing his mic to the ground and his sunglasses into the crowd, he followed up the move with an applause-backed People’s Elbow to finish his opponent off. “Snoop can do whatever he wants,” one of the commentators can be heard saying in a clip from the event.

“My hat’s off to Snoop, just picking it up and like, ‘oh man, he’s hurt? That’s alright. I’ll fix that.’ Just a natural born entertainer,” WWE head of creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque shared. “I’ve known Snoop for years in this environment and what kind of a fan he is, but tonight he put himself on a different playing field and respect factor for me. I know a lot of guys that have been in business a long time; if that happened, they’d go, ‘what do we do?’ It was amazing.”

In March 2016, Snoop Dogg was formally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as the first-ever musician to join its celebrity wing, having previously appeared at WrestleMania. “I’m at the pinnacle, man; I’m at the mountaintop,” he told WWE following his induction. “To be able to, you know, to feel respected by your peers and to be respected by a whole different genre, a sporting event, you know, a sporting category… This is brilliant. This is beautiful.”

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