Watch: Halle Berry Tells Latto About The ‘Nastiest Request’ Received During Sex [Video]

Halle Berry kept it real about her sex life in the latest episode of her 5 Rounds IGTV series — featuring Latto.

via Complex:

During the seven-and-a-half minute sit-down, the two asked each other a series of questions that ranged from spicy to uncomfortable. At the end of the episode, Latto pressed the 55-year-old actress to reveal the “wildest request” she’s ever received in the bedroom. Berry hesitated for a few moments, before slightly altering the question.

“Does nastiest request count? Can she change the question?” she said,

“It could be like nasty, wildest, weirdest,” Latto responded.

“Somebody once wanted me to let him spit in my face,” Berry revealed. “I was like, ‘you got it twisted! This isn’t a porn video. This is happening for real. It is not a movie.’”

The Atlanta rapper immediately agreed with Berry, jokingly saying: “No, sir. No, sir. Get your clothes on and get out.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Berry and Latto discuss taking a trip to Magic City, one-night stands, preferred forms of foreplay, and whether Berry would reprise role as Catwoman “for the right price.”

That’s not that nasty — we’ve all been asked worse! Watch the full episode below.


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