Watch: Footage Shows Moment King Von Was Fatally Shot Allegedly by Quando Rondo Crew Member Outside Atlanta Nightclub

There have been some new developments in the fatal shooting of Chicago rapper King Von.

As previously reported, King Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub early Friday morning.

Now, there’s video of the incident.

via Gossip On This:

The newly surfaced surveillance footage appears, which appears to come from a security camera on (or near) the nightclub’s property, starts off showing a large group of people exiting the nightclub and spilling into the nearby street.

A man who appears to be King Von, dressed in a white shirt and lightly-colored jeans, can be seen fighting with someone as another person comes from behind a vehicle and opens fire.

The man believed to be King Von then drops to the ground, and the people he’s with frantically try to drag him to safety as he bleeds out. Another man also appears to drop to the ground after being shot.

Seconds later, a white SUV backs into the street and quickly flees the scene. Not long afterward, a black sedan pulls up and the man believed to be King Von is placed into the vehicle, which also quickly pulls off.

Police said two men died at the scene, and King Von was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Two more gunshot victims and the person hit by the vehicle were listed in stable condition, police said.

Watch the footage below.


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