Video Appears to Show Man Confronting 6ix9ine, Getting Punched by Rapper's Crew Member [Photo + Video]

Never one to shy away from trouble, 6ix9ine was involved in a confrontation that ended with a man being punched in the face.

via: Complex

6ix9ine is someone who built his career of baiting and clout chasing. Things almost came full circle for the rapper when a man fabricated a story claiming 6ix9ine robbed him.

On Tuesday, a story began to circulate claiming that 6ix9ine is under investigation by Miami police after being involved in a possible armed robbery. Moments later, it was revealed that the alleged victim made up this story. Yet, an incident between the two parties did take place at a paintball range in Miami that resulted in a physical confrontation.

In footage of the confrontation obtained by Akademiks, the alleged victim calls the federal informant a “rat.” He continues to taunt who appears to be 6ix9ine (who has black hair now), prompting a member of the rapper’s team to punch him. In a second clip, what appears to be 6ix9ine’s Murda Murphy is seen.

The altercation is quickly de-escalated by security officers before things got further out of hand.

Fortunately for the rapper, the video evidence clears 6ix9ine of any wrongdoing in this incident. It also counters any claims of robbery/theft made by the agitator.

Calling 6ix9ine a “rat” is like reminding a dog it can bark. The Brooklyn native has never shied away from the fact he worked with the police. In fact, he released an album called TATTLE TALES upon receiving an early release from prison. Although 6ix9ine is a firm believer in all press is good press, the rapper or his camp has yet to respond to the recent incident.

Trouble seems to follow 6ix9ine wherever he goes, he might want to look into cleansing that negative energy that is around him.

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