V. Stiviano Reveals Alleged Injuries Sustained from Racially Motivated Attack [Photos]

v stiviano injuries attack

You’re looking at what V. Stiviano is offering as proof that she was seriously attacked outside the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City.

Her attorney provided the images to MailOnline,

The photograph on the left was taken right after Sunday night’s assault, with the one on the right taken the morning after with the bruise covered by makeup.

According to CNN, a 40-year-old Long Island man surrendered to the police admitting his part in the scuffle that began in the nearby Revel restaurant after a group of diners criticized her and she argued back.

A man then tried to take a cell phone photograph of her when she knocked the phone out of his hands and left.

Stiviano’s attorneys Alaleh Kamran and Mac Nehoray say their client was getting into a cab around the corner – outside the hotel – when they were followed by the men and a female companion and the attack took place.

One of the men allegedly spat at Stiviano while the other continued the verbal abuse which escalated into both Stiviano and the men shoving each other.

Both men then allegedly threw punches at her.

‘Ms. V. Stiviano was attacked outside of Gansevoort Hotel by two white males,’ a statement released by the law firm said.   

‘As Ms. Stiviano was getting inside a cab, one of the assailants punched her in the face, calling her a f**** n**** bitch. Moments later, Ms. Stiviano was punched again by the same person while he was yelling ‘I am going to slaughter you’. As the assault on Ms. Stiviano continued, some by-standers attacked the assailant. 

‘Ms. Stiviano was rushed away from the scene and was seen by a private physician upon her return to the hotel. She is badly bruised and swollen on the right side of her face and has some difficulty with her speech.’ 

The men were in the city celebrating the 40th birthday of the man who’s now in custody.

Ouch. That face looks painful.

[via Mail Online]

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