Usher Responds to The Weeknd’s ‘Climax’ Copying Claims with #ClimaxChallenge [Video]

The Weeknd may have accidentally started something he can’t finish.

Yesterday, an interview with Variety was published in which The Weeknd said he was angry the first time he heard Usher’s 2012 hit “Climax” because it felt it was his song.

“I heard ‘Climax,’ that [2012] Usher song, and was like, ‘Holy fuck, that’s a Weeknd song,'” he said. “It was very flattering, and I knew I was doing something right, but I also got angry. But the older I got, I realized it’s a good thing.”

While social media collectively told The Weeknd to have a seat, Usher took to Instagram to respond with the #ClimaxChallenge.

Do we think The Weeknd will participate?

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