Usher Recalls Having to Once Watch Beyoncé Like a 'Nanny' When She Was a Kid

We all know that Usher and Beyoncé go way back — but did you know he was once responsible for for ‘babysitting’ Bey when she was a teenager?

In all fairness, Usher is just three years older than Beyoncé and we wouldn’t necessarily use the term ‘babysitter’ — but he did in a recent interview where he explained how he used to watch over Bey and her former girl group.

“She used to be in a group by the name of The Dolls. I don’t know if I could consider myself their babysitter, but I had a time where I had to watch The Dolls,” Usher explained.

He continued: “I was at Daryl Simmons’ house. He was working with them at the time, and I just happened to be over there and they were working on a session. I kind of found my way into being their like, I don’t know, chaperone, nanny, or something like that — the oldest person in the room.”

The Dolls was one of the many names used at one point for Girls Tyme, which eventually became Destiny’s Child. The group was formed in 1990, featuring Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, and LeToya Luckett.

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