Usain Bolt Allegedly Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend with 20-Year-Old Brazilian Student [Photos]


Usain Bolt may have gotten more than the gold while in Rio for the Olympics.

Pictures of a shirtless Usain Bolt hugged up with a 20-year-old Rio student suggest that the Olympian may have cheated on his girlfriend.

via Page Six:

Jady Duarte told Extra Globo she met the track star at the Rio nightclub Boate All Saturday night and sent photos of their “normal” encounter to her friends via WhatsApp. The images were leaked just hours later.

“It was not a big deal,” she told Extra Globo. “I’d rather not talk about it.”

Bolt has been dating 26-year-old fashionista and fellow Jamaican Kasi Bennett for nearly three years, according to People. Throughout his work at the Olympics, Bennett has been tweeting her support for her boyfriend.

Extra Globo reports that one of the leaked photos appears to show Duarte receiving money, but the Brazilian quickly shot down any such notion.

“No way, he did not pay me anything. I received no money, “she said, clarifying that she asked Bolt to take the pictures.

Duarte said she didn’t even know who Bolt was at first when they met.

Since the photos have hit the internet, Duarte posted a message on Facebook stating she didn’t have Instagram or Twitter, as it would appear someone has set up accounts in her name on both social media sites.

“It’s been very negative. I never wanted to be famous,” Duarte told Extra Globo. “I’m dying of shame.”

Who takes selfies with random hookups and shares them with friends? We don’t believe her. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.


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