Uma Thurman Offers Her 'Kill Bill' Suit to Drake Amid Growing Hip Hop Beef |

Uma Thurman Offers Her ‘Kill Bill’ Suit to Drake Amid Growing Hip Hop Beef

Uma Thurman sees Drake is under attack by everyone in hip hop.

via: HipHopDX

On his diss track “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50),” Drizzy rapped: “What the fuck is this, a 20 vs. 1, n-gga?” and later posted a picture on his Instagram Stories of Thurman in Kill Bill taking on multiple enemies in a sword fight.

The Oscar-nominee must have caught wind of the ongoing rap wars as she posted on her own Instagram Stories a picture of her iconic yellow tracksuit from the scene along with the caption: “Need this? @champagnepapi.”

Drake replied: “Yes pls. The pen is the Hattori Hanzo,” making reference to the fictional samurai sword maker in the film renowned for the quality of his blades.

Rick Ross also spotted Thurman’s post and jokingly commented: “Think it fit me?”

Over the weekend, Rozay went at his former friend and collaborator on the diss track “Champagne Moments.”

He rapped: “You ain’t never want to be a n-gga anyway, n-gga/ That’s why you had a operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n-gga.”

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