Tyrese Gibson Dragged For Sharing Condolence Message From R. Kelly In The Wake Of Mother's Death [Photo]

Tyrese took to social media late Friday night to thank jailed R&B crooner R.Kelly for his condolences after losing his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, who died last month following her battle with COVID-19 and pneumonia.

via: AceShowbiz

The singer/actor unleashed a screenshot of the text message on Instagram on Friday, March 11. “From R. Kelly To Tyrese. Hey lil bro, my condolences to you about mom… She is in a better place with my mom & they both smiling down on us,” so read the message from the disgraced singer.

“I pray for you & keep it going. One love,” the text further read. “I know it’s a lot having to deal with this in the limelight, but keep ya head up. – Rob.”

In the caption of the post, Tyrese wrote, “Yup….. just broke down in my trailer took me 45 mins to recover love you Kellz damn he is on the inside and still took time to get Condolences out to me and my family…” He added, “Love you Kellz……. No comments needed…”

“Selfishly I wish they could sneak a protools rig and a mic in your jail cell so that you can unload all of those ideas cause I know you don’t write all of your hits have been freestyled off the top,” the 43-year-old continued. “But that’s just me…. R&B King!”

Although Tyrese turned off his comment section, he couldn’t escape from backlash since The Shade Room let out a screenshot of his post. “Some things are meant to be kept private,” one user argued, while another simply penned, “Weird flex.” A third fumed, “We excuse pedophiles because they send condolences? Gtfoh.”

Tyrese’s mom, Priscilla Murray Gibson, died in February after losing her battle with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Taking to Instagram, the “F9” actor announced, “On behalf of my family and everyone who ever spent anytime praying tor my mother. This is the saddest moment of my life… My sweet Valentine just passed away.”

The singer is currently jailed at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, where he recently contracted COVID-19 as he prepares for his appeal.

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