Tyrese Explains Why He's Doesn't Want The Rock to Do the 'Fast and Furious' Solo Film: 'I'm Only Doing This to Keep Our Families in Private School'

Tyrese is still calling out Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for potentially participating in Universal’s ‘Fast and Furious’ spin-off movie.

If you recall, the other day Tyrese took to Instagram to basically beg Dwayne not to do it.

Now, Tyrese is offering a bit of an explanation as to why he feels the way he does. Basically, he doesn’t want The Rock’s movie to affect the next ‘Fast and Furious’ film, nor does he want his own money to suffer.

Tyrese also says he didn’t like The Rock’s ‘Baywatch.’.

Ty writes:

I have never and will never have a problem with this major movie star he’s my brother…. I repeat ever……. bro just being honest I didn’t like Bay Watch lol – but I did rent out 2 full theaters and take a bunch of kids with my daughter from her #PrivateSchool to support Moana!!!! ( I was surprised you could sing so well )…. oh sh*t!! I’m simply trying to reach him cause he won’t call me back about this solo #HobbsMovie I want you to shoot it just not right now cause the #Fast9 release date has already been announced and we can’t let our loyal fans #FastFamilyor [sic] our loyal fast and furious FANS down on any level from pushing the date…….. Didn’t you see how HUGE #Fast8 was?? It’s because we announced and KEPT our release date bro….. Call me back DJ I had a great call with your partner Hirum of 7 pounds productions but I’m still trying to reach you… God bless you….. I’m doing this only on behalf of our families so we keep them all in private school…… God bless you good brother!!!! I never ever go public with private family issues…. Once you hit me back I will delete every post….. Love you big bro and I love that Sept 11th post you just up about the families and friends of that horrific tragedy…We do this on behalf of the families, the cast, the crew members who have been down and loyal to us for 15 years…… Everyone matters…… When we shoot we all eat, when we eat we show up as a FAMILY display our love, our funny stuff, our story lines and HEARTS in every frame….. Me and the cast laugh because it seems like #Fast Is like a HOLIDAY at this point…… You can push the release date of a holiday bro… it’s tradition it’s fans that are LOYAL……. We have to show up and service their needs….. Just got out of the hospital still recovering thank you guys for your prayers and love…. I’m a real champion and champions are never down for long…. This is not a #Rant I’m no Rock #Hater and I don’t want his #Life I love my own…… I’m doing this for the #FastFamily I’m loyal and I apologize for being loyal but dammit I am –

Yeah, it sounds like Ty’s a bit salty that the studio realized they can carry on the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise without him. Tough break — but he shouldn’t be on social media trying to guilt The Rock out of securing his bag.

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