Tyrese Calls Ex-Wife a 'Manipulator,' Slams Her $20,000 a Month Child Support Request: 'It Was Just a Transaction'

Tyrese blasted his ex-wife, Samantha Lee in a long Instagram post on Tuesday.

via: AceShowbiz

Tyrese shared a video of his former spouse speaking into the camera. In the clip, Samantha was lamenting the fact that their “business” was made out on the media sites. She also denied trying to rip off the actor.

In the caption, Tyrese raged, “I have NO CLUE who this person is… #Gaslighting is the most vile form of manipulation, she’s out trying to sell people on s**t that nobody is sold on.” He then asked, “do you really hate that our business is out on the ‘media sites?’ ”

“How can you hate what’s out there in the media and blogs when YOU all of this f**k s**t out there,” he continued. “Stranger, none of your OWN FRIENDS know who you are or what you’ve become. Gold digger, Gaslighter, narcissist, manipulator.”

The “Fast X” star also claimed that his ex-wife took their baby on her own and “lied in court documents that leaked to the press and media.” He fumed, “You have been demanding $20,000 a month and refuse to let that s**t go… One your own you make 150k a year out 4 year has ALL that she needs… Greed and dark entitlement issues.”

“For a woman who doesn’t want money from me, you’ve already hired three different law firms, trying to crack the prenuptial agreement, you drug this divorce trial out into almost three years and now you’re requesting a new trial with a jury,” he added. “Everybody can clearly see through your bulls**t Samantha you are embarrassing me and everybody who’s ever known you.”

“The marriage, starting a family. Nothing. It was all gold digging bulls**t. And now it’s obvious to the world that it was never love. It was just a transaction,” Tyrese went on arguing. “I came into that marriage with my heart you came into it with your hand.”

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