Tyga Reportedly 'Broke Down in Tears' Because He's Afraid Kylie Jenner Is Ready to Leave Him

Kylie Jenner Tyga

After a few weeks of going back and forth, Kylie Jenner is reportedly ready to leave Tyga and his childish ways behind.

via Radar Online:

Rapper Tyga’s cheating scandal has only made his tumultuous relationship with Kylie Jenner even more volatile! RadarOnline has learned he recently broke down in tears because of his uncertainty over whether they’ll make it for the long haul.

As Radar reported, this week’s OK magazine exposed his flirty texts to an underage girl.

And now, an insider said, their relationship is hanging by a thread.

“He broke down in tears and begged Kylie to tell him the truth about where they stand,” the source said. “Because he has no idea.”

Not only is Tyga afraid of losing Kylie, but he’s also said to be afraid of losing his lifestyle and newfound fame.

“He’s really REALLY scared because she totally funds him and he needs the cash bad,” the source claimed. “Some of his friends, including Blac Chyna, are convinced he’s being toyed with for storylines on the show. He’s in a whole world of paranoia right now, especially after hearing that her mom wants him out and has been showing her pictures of other guys to date.”

Now that Kylie’s 18, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s ready to leave the drama and explore other rappers options.

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