Twitter Reacts to Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Exhibition Ending Without a Knockout [Photos + Video]

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Logan Paul’s much-talked-about fight turned out to be an underwhelming night.

Many boxing fans tuned into the fight believing that undefeated champ Mayweather would knock out the 26-year-old YouTube star early in the night, but were instead surprised to see Paul go the distance.

Though there was no official score, ESPN had it at 78-74 for Mayweather.

Since there were no judges attending the exhibition, fans had to decide who unofficially won the match for themselves. Many fans and reporters noted that Mayweather, as expected, was the better fighter, but Paul successfully wielded his height and weight advantages. However, the controversial social media star was visibly tired out later in the match.

On Twitter, many fans were upset that the fight didn’t end with a definitive knockout, check out some of the reaction below.

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