TV Producer Says There's Footage of Donald Trump Using the N-Word


Emmy Award-winning television producer, Chris Nee, says the Apprentice producers have footage of Donald Trump using the N-word — among other foul things.


via Jezebel:

Nee made the comments in response to a former producer on the show, who tweeted Saturday that Trump has been caught on camera saying “far worse” than the things he said in the Access Hollywood footage.

According to Nee, who says she heard from “producers/crew” on the show, one of those “far worse” things is Trump saying the n-word. She tweeted the allegations at Mark Cuban, citing a $5 million penalty fee for leaking footage apparently included in most of Apprentice executive producer Mark Burnett’s contracts. This shouldn’t come as news to Cuban—his show, Shark Tank, is also produced by Burnett.

BuzzFeed reports that Burnett, who is a Trump supporter, has been threatening employees with access to the show’s unaired footage. Last week, more than twenty people involved in the show spoke anonymously with the AP about Trump’s behavior during the production. He would often speculate about women’s sexual activities and liked to discuss who he would and wouldn’t have sex with, sometimes in front of the person he was talking about. Once, in the middle of filming, the sources allege to the AP, he stopped and singled out a contestant.

Since the story has taken off, Chris has deleted the initial tweets and clarified that she’s only heard ‘rumors’ of the tapes.

She also deleted her Twitter avi — which is a little bizarre.

If those tapes exist, SOMEONE needs to take the risk and make them available to the public.

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