Trouble Offers Ella Bands Some 'Thug Love' After Vacationing With Sabrina Parr [Photos] |

Trouble Offers Ella Bands Some ‘Thug Love’ After Vacationing With Sabrina Parr [Photos]

Troubles seems to be shooting his shot at Ella Bands, after she posted a photo letting everyone know that she is single and free.

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Trouble seemingly has no interest in pursuing a relationship with Sabrina Parr despite having vacationed together recently. Less than a week after sparking romance rumors with Lamar Odom’s ex-fiancee, the rapper is now taking a shot at love with another woman, who is none other than A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s former girlfriend Ella Bands.

On Wednesday, May 5, Ella posted a couple of photos on her Twitter account reminding that she is currently single. “It’s a free girl summer,” she wrote, while highlighting her ringless fingers in one of the snaps.

Seeing this, Trouble didn’t miss a chance to shoot his shot with Ella. The 33-year-old retweeted the photos and wrote alongside them, “Ainnnn wanna do dis on da social. But since u keep postin…If u need some thugluv just say that We grown.”

Other Twitter users then commented on Trouble’s slick move, with one quipping, “awww mann, aboogie finna put on his hoodie.” Another similarly joked, “A boogie is sitting in the car like Snoop in baby boy.” A third one trolled the Atlanta-born rap star, “She don’t want no trouble…literally.”

Trouble later responded to the trolling comments. “I was doing good mindin my business runnin dese cho cho’s thru da moon and here we go again jus,” he posted another tweet. “Jus gotta stay of dis s**t sometimes cause yall gon’ take erthang I post where it wasn’t meant. Let me liveeeee I don’t Be f**king wit yall.”

Ella and A Boogie called it quits in March. “As much and I don’t wanna admit it, I don’t deserve you @slaybyella_,” he wrote at the time.”You have a beautiful long life ahead of you and I don’t wanna be the reason you’re not happy. Be free. Go be who you truly want to be.”

Ella, however, claimed that she was the one who ended things between them. “Lmao we already talked about this in real life & it was my idea idk why he coming on Instagram with it like he setting be free. Boy go to hell,” she posted on her own social media account.

Meanwhile, it was only last week that Trouble sparked dating rumors with Sabrina Parr. At the time, the rapper and the fitness coach shared similar posts taken from their vacation in Miami on their separate Instagram accounts.

She said what she said, “it’s a free girl summer.”

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