Tristan Thompson Granted Temporary Custody of 17-Year-Old Brother

Tristan Thompson has been granted temporary guardianship over his younger brother after he was left unable to care for himself following the sudden death of his mother.

via TMZ:

A court hearing Wednesday determined the NBA player will now act as guardian to 17-year-old Amari. In the end, Tristan’s petition for temporary guardianship was granted … and a hearing on permanent guardianship was scheduled for November.

Tristan wasn’t present in court during the hearing, but his attorney spoke on his behalf via Zoom.

TMZ broke the story … Tristan filed for this a couple weeks ago, and the result today was expected. Nobody was contesting it, including Amari’s father — who Tristan says has been absent from his life.

Amari’s dad, Trevor Douglas Thompson, did not receive notice of Wednesday’s proceeding because his whereabouts are apparently unknown. Tristan’s side claims Trevor has no involvement in Amari’s life.

Now that Tristan has been given the green light to take responsibility for Amari, the issue of conservatorship is also on the table as he approaches 18. Amari cannot take care of himself, as he faces mental and physical disabilities, so Tristan is stepping in.

TMZ broke the story — Tristan’s mother, Andrea, died suddenly earlier this year — which is why Tristan is making the moves to protect his brother. Amari has already been introduced to the KarJenners — and Tristan will presumably continue to have their support through this.

The last thing that was touched on was money left behind in Andrea’s probate estate — which amounts to about $103k. It’s not available for disbursement yet, but Tristan is going to oversee that cash for Amari as well.

As we reported, several of the Kardahian family members flew to Toronto at a moment’s notice to be by Tristan’s side during Andrea’s funeral.

It’s good to see Tristan stepping up for his family.

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